Single Private Office

Bigger and more private space. Best for managers, business owners and dual screen users.

Free services you can enjoy after renting an office

Safe Entrance

Entrance with fingerprint for high security

Private locker

Safe  locker to put your stuff that you need to remain in the office

Meeting Room

A meeting room for 8 to 10 people equipped with the latest technology

24/7 Access

You are not limited with any office hours. The space is great for night owls and morning birds!


Cargo delivery

Turn every feature into a benefit for your reader.

Call Booth

A private space that prevents any noise leak to the shared area.

Rest and Cafe Area

It's not all work, you should give yourself the chance to rest.

Virtual addres

Giving the chance to companies to work  remotely from anywhere in the wold by choosing a prestigious location.

Single Private Office


/ month
  • Bigger and more private space. Best  for managers, business owners and dual screen users.

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